Ways to make your portrait session successful:

  • It is best to wear solid colors or simple prints. For black & white photography, color doesn’t matter as much as lightness and darkness. Avoid clothing with logos and busy patterns for a more effective portrait. I suggest khakis, jeans and overalls.
  • If there is more than one subject, please have everyone dressed in similarly toned clothing for a more unified look. Bare feet are preferred over shoes, and children find this fun as well!
  • Make sure little ones are fed and well rested before their photo session.
  • Bring snacks and a few changes of clothing.
  • Kids enjoy picking out a special outfit to be photographed in. Let them be creative anything from Daddy’s shoes, funny glasses, a favorite teddy bear or a tu tu. It makes them feel more actively involved in the fun!
  • We understand families are busy but, we have found it useful to not have things scheduled on the day of your photo shoot and even the night before. Tired and over stimulated children appear that way in their photographs.
  • On the day of your session appointment, it’s best to only bring the persons being photographed to prevent distractions.
  • Lastly, I have found that most successful sessions to be when parents are very relaxed. Kids can really pick up on our stress levels, so it’s important to relax and have fun!


Suggestions for specific age groups:


Newborn – 0 to 6 months:
There is a pure and total enjoyment to just sit, hold, and watch your sleeping baby at this age. When awake, your baby prefers to see your face rather than anything else, and will begin to grasp onto your finger while gazing into your face. This is a perfect time to photograph the intimate relationship developing between mom, dad, and baby.

6 to 9 months:
Halfway through the first year of life is certainly a time to celebrate. Portraits hold time still, though babies do not at this age! Now, exploring their own hands and feet grows into exploring the world around them. They’re so animated and fun. The best time to have this session is when their strong enough to sit but not yet crawling.

12 to 24 months:
Active could best describe this age! Crawling, walking, or climbing are the challenges. Personalities are becoming more developed and now, baby can throw kisses, wave bye-bye and mimic sounds and gestures.

Age 2 to 3 years:
This time in a child’s life is the beginning of a learning adventure that is so fun to watch. Children this age love make-believe and games. Portraits at this age can be planned, but there is still that element of unpredictability that keeps everyone on their toes.

Age 4 to 6 years:
Starting school, loosing teeth and their true personality coming out. This is a terrific age to photograph. Kids are so relaxed when photographed.

Age 7 to 10 years:
Busy could best describe this age! Sports, music and after school activities are ever present. This a wonderful age to highlight what a child loves to do. Also this is a great age to photograph siblings together.