What To Wear

I get a lot of emails about what family’s should wear to their portrait sessions. While there is certainly no right or wrong way to dress, there are definitely some general guidelines that you can follow. Here are 4 helpful tips to get you started:
1. Try to stay away from white, if possible (unless you are a bride and its your wedding day). If you just bought a beautiful white smocked dress for your little girl, or your all-time favorite sweater is white, then by all means wear it, but otherwise, move on to something with a little color. White sometimes can wash people out.
2. Pick a color palette of 2-3 colors and stay within those shades. Here is a great blog post that I found online from another photographer if you need some inspiration. You can use different patterns, but make sure that at least a few people in solids.
3. Think about your background. If your session is going to be in the green grass in the middle of a park, pick a color palette that will contrast with that green, like a red or pink or blue.
4. Keep it comfortable. It has been my experience that when kids (and husbands!) are comfortable, they take better pictures. Again, you may love that smocked dress, but if she doesn’t smile in it, is it worth it?