Forrest & Stephanie

The very moment I became engaged, I knew exactly who would be taking our photos. I had been following Jennifer’s work through her blog for what felt like years—ever since Cassie and Will had been married. Their photos are beautiful. From that summer on, I was hooked. I followed each family, each photo, and each detail for a while, hoping it would someday be me on the other side of the lens.

At our initial meeting, Jen made sure all of our questions were answered and talked us through every detail. During the year before our wedding, she kept in contact us regarding scheduling and desires. We were 18 hours away from her, newly living in Colorado and trying to plan a wedding in California. I never worried for a single second that Jen wouldn’t be able to deliver.

I wanted to do a boudoir session for my husband-to-be, but was very self-conscious that the hamburger I had just enjoyed earlier in the week would be the center of the photograph. Not with Jen. The session was relaxing and full of laughter. She even had a bottle of Champagne waiting for me! We looked at examples online and I felt extremely comfortable. It was serious girl time and serious fun! When I looked at my proofs online, I had no idea who that girl was! I had never felt so beautiful, so sexy and so classy all at the same time. The photos were tasteful and I couldn’t believe how HOT I looked! I even showed my mom and HIS MOM! Ahahah! They are absolutely stunning and Jen’s “skinny lens” and “chin-down-eyes-up” worked like a charm.

Our engagement session photos are just as stunning. Jen’s creative eye and trigger-happy-finger (a definite good thing) captured some of the sweetest and softest photos of Forrest and me. We were quite nervous and unsure how to hold each other—I know, we were getting married and we couldn’t figure it out. We are a goofy couple who laugh a lot. I would say, “poor Jen had to deal with us,” but she was right there having fun with us! Our pictures came out, once again, perfectly.

Our wedding photos were no different. Jen and her husband, Morgan, captured every single detail that I had worked so hard to include on our wedding day. I have so many favorite photos from that day. She captured a true smile from Forrest that just melts my heart. Every second of our wedding has been put into a photo and I love it. From the sixpence in my shoe to my daddy’s wedding ring on my thumb in remembrance, to all the awkward moments, everything was there. I was even able to see some of the details of our day that I wasn’t able to take in, because being a bride is hard work.

I have received endless compliments on the photos and most importantly, we are so incredibly happy with them. I know that if I was on the fence about choosing a photographer and picked someone else, I would have truly regretted it. I would have also missed out on meeting an amazing woman who cares deeply about photography, her clients and her family.